Have you ever been travelling but had to sacrifice half your trip to accommodate the needs of someone else? Perhaps you would like to visit a museum that day but they want to sit on the beach all day? To some extent, with a travel companion, you can be in the drivers seat for the whole trip. Hiring a companion means that you can build the trip of your dreams, and sharing it with a friendly and fun companion!

A travel companion is someone who you hire to be your companion whilst you travel. Maybe, that didn’t need explaining. But here’s the thing, you can have loads of different kinds of travel companion. People travel for many reasons, some of our clients travel with work and take a companion with them so that they can fill their downtime with fun activities and lots of fun. Others Simply want to go on holiday but they don’t want to do it alone, so they take a little browse on our website, pick out a travel buddy and get in touch!

Why escorts make such great travel companions

Hiring a travel companion differs from escorting because of the main focus of the job. The focus of the job is travelling with you. You will discuss the places you will visit, the activities you will partake in and even the places you will stay and eat at. Between the two of you, you will draw up a plan that you are both comfortable with and excited for so when it comes to the trip you will both know exactly what to expect. Any extra escorting services that happen whilst you are away can also be discussed before you leave for your trip. Hiring an escort as a travel companion is like getting the most out of a situation.

Escorts make great travel companions because they are experts at sharing their time and anticipating the needs of their clients. Not only this, but they love to get to know their clients so that they can make them feel special.

Some of our clients enjoy emulating the feeling of having a holiday romance with their escort travel companion. This is something that can definitely be discussed with your choice of hunk. We call this service, ‘The boyfriend experience’ and it is wildly popular. There’s something very appealing about having a gorgeous hunk of a man on your arm in a beautiful country.

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