The word ‘escort’, more often than not, carries with it, connotations of seediness and sex work. Whilst there are many escorts that include sexual transactions in their services, this does not define the work of an escort by any means. Essentially, the definition of an escort refers to the transaction of time or company for money. Therefore, there are many escorts who trade only in companionship, nothing more.

Society is becoming increasingly comfortable with notions of escort work in comparison to previous times. There are many reasons why someone would want to spend their hard-earned cash on renting the time of someone who sells companionship for a living. The most common client of escorts is arguably the business person. The person who is moving from city to city with little time to spend in social settings, the sort of space where one might find a partner, or even just a friend. Imaginably, this sort of lifestyle can become lonely quite quickly. So, when it comes to being in situations where one might desire the company of another, of which there are many, escorts are a saving grace.

Some people are simply looking for someone to eat dinner in the evening with. They want to trade the company of their hotel television for the voice of another person. It is likely that the four magnolia walls that they get to call home for the evening seem devastatingly similar to the four walls that enclosed them the evening before this one in another city. Calling in the services of an escort ensures that you’re spending your precious to come by free time with a person they know they will get on with. Due to the nature of escorts giving their information via online profiles, clients are able to vet the escort in whichever way they feel necessary. Because technically, the transaction is a professional one, both the client and escort are able to walk away from their evening satisfied but healthily detached, as they continue with the fast pace of their respective lives.

It is also common for clients to look for escorts to attend events with them. Whether the event be a lavish black-tie awards evening, or the winter ball one’s boss might throw for them for sacrificing their personal life to make them money. Having the ability to feel less judged for their singledom is a welcome option for many business people.

However, it is not only business men and women who require the services rentable companions. The UK is currently in the midst of what has been described by professionals as a loneliness epidemic, resulting in the government employing a minister for loneliness to combat this problem specifically. This fact in itself is representative of a society which, regardless of its increase in reach to millions of people at the touch of a screen, is struggling to connect with each other. If reality is that people feel disconnected, and this transaction gives them that connection for a time – then why not?

The profession of rented companionship need not be the seedy affair that many would assume it to be. Alternatively, it is a wonderful type of temporary connection that combats loneliness and brings joy to both escort and client.