Many of you will have heard of a shiny new-ish application that helps users to share video’s, images and content of themselves to their followers for a fee.

The app has revolutionized the way that escorts can interact with their clients, and has given sex-workers a digital platform upon which they can operate safely, efficiently and professionally.

How does it work?

Users pay a monthly subscription for their profile. The lowest monthly subscription price is $4.99 and the highest is $49.99. the amount of money a user can make on the app is dependent on amount that they pay for their subscription.

However, this isnt the only variable that effects how profiles can make money on only fans. The number of followers that a user has will depend on the amount of money that a user can make on average in a month. The more followers a profile has, the more interaction they have, and the money they are going to make.

For the best chance of making the most money through only fans, you are going to want to have the maximum amount of followers as well as a higher subscription price.

The amount that you can make for having a million followers, but only paying the $4.99 a month, is on average between $52,600 and $263,000 per month, whilst if you pay the full $49.99, you will be able to earn a hefty average of anywhere between $499,800 and $2,499,000 a month. Essentially, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

What are the best things about it?

Only Fans has given workers the freedom to safely put a price on their online content.

Other sites had previously gained access to workers content and posted it for free. The nature of only fans is that it is completely private, and has protective policies in place that ensure that content does not leak from within the paid for profiles.

Many users of Only Fans have reported being able to leave their full time jobs comfortably and finally be their own boss, work flexibly around their lives, and gained back time to spend with their loved ones.

The digital nature of the platform enables users to make money online without actively going out to meet clients in person should they not wish to, this reduces the risk of danger.

How is this beneficial for escorts?

Although there are a lot of sex workers that use the site, there are also a lot of companion-based escorts. This is because it promotes their business in the perfect space, filled with potential clients, but at the same time it offers an alternative revenue stream through being able to charge for the pictures that they post as advertisement.

Everyone on the site is able to set their own boundaries and create their own rules, so no matter who uses the site, whether they are an escort or anything else, they can make the site work for them.