If you haven’t heard of a butler in the buff, then perhaps you’re still enjoying the earlier stages of blissful life, the stage before all your friends get married and you have to spend too much money on hen/stag do’s just to say good bye to your favourite drinking buddies before they fade away into middle-aged suburbia. Enjoy it guys, it doesn’t last forever! The reason we bring this up is because butlers in the buff are often used for hen/stag parties and/or adult parties and gatherings of any kind. The name is pretty self explanatory, a butler in the buff is essentially a butler that you hire to serve at your function, only the butler is naked, often with some kind of apron covering their crotch, but leaving the butt exposed for all of your guests to enjoy whilst they host games, serve drinks and food, and tend to the needs of the party.

What do they wear?

The uniform that your butler in the buff will wear to your function will depend on where you hire them from. Offers can vary depending on whether you are booking through an agency or a company, or whether you are hiring individual butlers. We find that hiring individual butlers can be best because they might be comfortable with requests, they might offer a range of different styles when it comes to outfit and you have more freedom to discuss what styles you would like between yourself and the butler. The classic style is a bow tie and a small front apron, exposing the butlers chest and booty.

What sorts of events use them?

You can use a butler in the buff for any adult event that you can think of. However they are most popular for wedding parties, birthday celebrations and other casual events. We don’t know how well it would go down if you spent your works Christmas party budget on butlers in the buff but, there’s only one way to find out!

What kind of price are they?

Prices can range from £100 per hour to anything above that. The price will be reflected in the size of the party, how many butlers you would like, and how you would like your butlers to serve your party.

Where can you hire one?

If you’re looking to hire a butler in the buff, you need not look any further! Luckily for you, we have loads of experienced independent butlers on our bookings that would love to come and serve your party.

How do you become one?

Alternatively, if you’re looking to become a butler in the buff, all you need is to be fun, confident, able and willing to anticipate in the needs of your party, and to have a friendly disposition making your clients feel comfortable so you can all have a great night! Enquire with our team today to find out how we can help.