The complete guide to gay tribes

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The Gay Tribes Guide

Within the gay community, and by extension within the Gay Massage or Escort community, there are a wide variety of terms we use to identify what our aesthetic is, and what our interests are. Often, we will identify with a specific tribe of kindred spirits, or describe the kind of guy we might want to pursue for some fun or romantically by referring to one of these terms. You could be a jock, an otter, a bear, a cub, a wolf, a chub, a pup, a bull, a twink, a twunk, a gym bunny and a gym rat.

Follow our complete guide to gay tribes below and find out with which tribe you best fit, or what tribe member your looking for while hunting for some weekend entertainment.

The Jock

The word jock can carry negative connotations within straight culture, however in the gay community here in Manchester, London and Gran Canaria, if you fit into the ‘jock’ category, this is seen as massively complimentary. Jocks maintain athletic physiques, muscular and toned with low percentage body fat. They might have a little body or facial hair but they ensure that it is well groomed. A jock could be any age, but it is more frequent that they are younger due to their heightened athletic ability. These guys definitely work out. 

The Bear 

The distinguishing feature of a bear within the gay community is that they are large in mass by being either big and muscular or by carrying some extra weight. Much like the creatures themselves, bears tend to have lots of body hair, adding to the fact that some bears value masculine traits. Within the bear category there are subgroups such as the polar bear, the muscle bear or the sugar bear. The polar bear is an older gentlemen who’s hair or body hair might appear white or grey. The muscle bear does what it says on the tin, a big gent who’s mass is built up of muscle. The sugar bear is a bear in mass and hairiness however they may present slightly more effeminate traits. 

The Cub

Similarly to bears, cubs are built in stature and also have lots of body hair, however their frame is smaller so they are not quite the same size as a bear. There are also muscle cubs, which are cubs who’s mass is built from muscle, and sugar cubs, who might be more effeminate than other cubs. 

The Otter

Considered to be a smaller offset from the bear community, otters carry many of the same physical traits, however the main difference is they tend to be smaller in size than both bears and cubs. With slender to athletic builds, otters could fall into any age category. 

The Wolf 

The wolf maintains a lean and muscular body type whilst also sporting a modest yet rugged amount of body hair. Wolves are considered wildly attractive within the gay community with their rough-around-the-edges style and their reputation for being just the right amount of sexually aggressive. Wolves tend to be considered and younger men, as men age they enter into the aging wolf category and then finally the grey wolf category, when the men’s body hair is entirely white or grey. 

The Chub 

As the name might suggest, chubs are heavier set members of the gay community, there are also super chubs, who are men who are very large indeed. Often confused with bears, chubs differentiate themselves separately. People who are specifically sexually attracted to chubs are often called chasers. 

The Pup 

The pup has a slender body type with no facial hair other than the potential for a little well-maintained stubble. Pups are young men often late teens to early twenties, they are often considered unexperienced by other more seasoned members of the gay community but they are also known for being cute, energetic and maybe even a little naive. 

The Bull 

The bull tribe is home to by far the biggest men in the gay community. It is not unusual for bulls to weigh in at between 215 and 200 pounds! These men would be describes as body builders within both straight and LGBTQ communities. There are no age restrictions on being a bull, although due to the physical impact of maintaining that level of muscle mass, it is more rare to meet bulls of an older age. Bulls can vary in image in almost any other way. 

The Twink/Twunk

As one of the most recognized tribes in the gay community, a twink is a gay man of small stature and effeminate traits. The less popular term, twunk, has very similar connotations but the aesthetic of the man would be slightly different. Ill explain why. Whilst a twink is a youthful, slender man with minimal body hair and well-groomed finish a twunk is larger in body type, they are still smaller than others but they might be slightly more packed out with lean muscle. Twunks express themselves as having more masculine traits than twinks. Some people wrongly mistake these subcategories of gay male tribes for being tweakers, by way of the name sounding similar. This is however, incorrect, a tweaker is someone who engages in a lot of recreational drug taking whilst not eating very much, thus attaining a very low body fat percentage. 

The Gym Bunny/Gym Rat 

Can you guess the place in which gym bunnies and rats spend a large proportion of their time? You got it! The gym. Both considered sculpted and attractive by other members of the community, they make sure their body is in the best condition it could be in. However, there are differences between the two, the gym rat has a more lean and athletic build whereas the gym bunny is more bulkily sculpted. To be acknowledged as a gym rat, there is no age limit, however there tends to be a cut off point of about 50 years old for the gym bunnies. They do carry similarities to jocks, however jocks obtain their sculpted physiques by playing sports and team orientated games, whereas gym bunnies and rats do specific body focused workouts with equipment in the gym.

So there you have it, Which one are you? And if you cant be bothered with the hassle of hunting for one of the above tribes by not have a look at our Adonis Escorts, ellite gay escorts in Manchester, London and Gran Canaria.