Some lesser-known fetishes

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Here at Adonis, we absolutely love that society is beginning to open up to the idea of fetishism in the mainstream. This openness really helps to eradicate shame surrounding exploring new and exciting sexual deeds, and empowers us all to talk openly and freely about our experiences.

We all know about the big, more commonly discussed fetishes, maybe lots of you have even had experiences with some of well known fetishes. However, the world of fetish knows know bounds and has no limits, so today we thought we would explore some of the lesser-known fetishes, to really highlight just how there’s something out there for everyone. And remember, what ever it is that gets your rocks off, you’re fabulous.

First on todays fetish list is:


People who are into this weird and wonderful fetish are all about being covered in insects. Now, we couldn’t quite find out if this was limited to specific types of insects or if it’s a bugs-life free-for-all. We do think that it might feel something similar to being tickled all over the body with something like a feather, which is a sensation that a lot of people enjoy, so it does actually make sense if you think about it!


This is a fetish of having your hair shampooed. Now, we all love going to the hair dressers/barbers and getting our hair shampooed, and if you don’t, then you are missing out on one of life’s finest joys. However, there is a difference between enjoying the scalp massage and it being a fetish to you. If you have this fetish then lets just say I hope you have a liberal hairdresser.


This fetish refers to the act of fetishizing criminals. We all love ourselves a bad-boy, and sometimes everyone likes to get in on the criminal action, like when we were all ogling over that guy with the beautiful headshot that landed a modeling contract when he got out of jail. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!

Sometimes people who have this fetish develop these feelings for criminals from afar, whilst they are in jail. It is thought that subconsciously, they do this to see themselves connected with someone well-known, but they’ll never actually have to live with them or have their bubble burst because they are in jail for life for murder. You know?


Those who are voraphiliacs get their rocks of by the thought of being eaten. The idea of being swallowed whole by their predator, followed by being digested. We think that its best that we don’t think too deeply into this one. For everyone’s sake.