How Escorts and Masseurs want you to respect their privacy

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It is important that you respect the privacy of the escorts and masseurs that you encounter. If you use the services of a specific escort, just as you may want them to keep your fantasies between yourselves – they also want to know that their privacy is being respected. Many workers in this industry require discretion, it’s not uncommon for escorts to have friends and family who they would like to keep separate from their line of work, many even have other jobs outside of escorting and massage. Respecting someone’s privacy shows that you respect them as an individual, which goes a long way in the world of escorting and massage therapy.  

1) Don’t discuss their business in public, or on a public forum. 

Even if you are discussing what you consider to be positive feedback, remember that the escort you met was working when you saw them. Outside of work they have an extended life, with loved ones whom they would not feel comfortable sharing the gritty details of their sex work. Many escorts work very hard to strike up a healthy work / life balance. What you could be doing by discussing their business freely is tampering with said balance – (unless you are leaving a gleaming review on their site). 

2) Don’t add them on their personal social media accounts. 

Again, escorting is a profession. Don’t blur the lines between a personal and a professional relationship. By attempting to inject yourself into the personal life of an escort, you are threatening their privacy amongst their life outside of escorting. As stated previously, many escorts choose not to discuss their work with close ones due to the stigma that surrounds companionship and sex work. Adding your escorts on their private social media accounts opens up opportunities to like and comment on their activity on a platform which is shared with their families – this is inappropriate.  

3) If you find out their real name, keep it to yourself. 

Escorts, and even just massage therapists, use pseudonyms for a reason. They have chosen their working name not only to add flare to their work but to conceal their day-to-day identity. If you come across information which reveals one of your favorite escort’s true identity, keep it to yourself out of respect for the worker.  

4) Use the appropriate platforms of contact with your escort. 

It is possible to meet escorts in a variety of different settings; online, at bars, even at your local café. But once the small talk and pleasantries are over and interest in their services has been established, do move your conversation on to their preferred platform of communication. This enables them to communicate with you in a way that is most appropriate for their business, and maintain discretion.  

5) Do not pursue the connection.  

Remember that although escorts will genuinely enjoy spending their time with you, it is important for them to avoid developing strong connections with clients. Do not breach any privacy guidelines, even if you feel like you have a connection.