Gay Kink and Fetish Guide

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The words kink and fetish are often lumbered into the same meaning by a lot of people who aren’t fully immersed in the world of fetishism. However, they actually carry two slightly different meanings.

What is a kink?

To have a kink simply refers to sexual arousal obtained by unconventional means. You’ve noticed that there is a specific thing that turns you on, kinks heighten your sexual experiences but it’s not a necessity to enjoy sexual interaction.

What is fetish?

If you have a fetish then you have a strong fixation of a sexual nature with an object or non-sexual body part. Those with fetishes will find it much more difficult to get turned on or orgasm without the presence of what it is that they have fetishized. Many of those who have kinks or light sexual preferences often think that they have a fetish, but a fetish is a much stronger feeling with a much bigger and more necessary role in a person’s sex life.

There are an uncountable number of fetishes out there, it’s not uncommon for people to connect based on their fetishes. We have complied a list of some common one’s for you to browse:

Belonephilia – Refers to the sexual arousal in the presence of sharp objects such as pins, knives, razors or needles. We know your mother told you not to run with scissors, but with the right safety precautions between two consenting adults you can have a lot of fun coining the phrase ‘cut my clothes off’.

Fire Play – Becoming sexually aroused by fire or when incorporating fire into sexual acts. Perhaps this is what tom jones meant when he said ‘c’mon baby light my fire’. Remember to stay safe when playing with fire!

Food Play – The fetish of food play has been more widely accepted into sexual practice due to the idea of aphrodisiacs, which are edibles said to heighten arousal. Food play refers to the use of food during sex in any way! From incorporating whipped cream to using your partners body as a schmorgers board.

Keraunophilia – This refers to the act of becoming aroused by the influence of thunder and lightning. Your partner will be mapping the nearest thunderstorms figuring out when they’re in for a wild night.

Latex Fetish – Simply describes the wearing or latex, PVC or rubber by yourself and/or with your partner during sex. Latex fetishists love the feel of latex, the look of it, and even the way that it smells.

Plushophilia –  This is the sexual arousal of people around stuffed animals. Some even alter their toys by manufacturing holes into them.

Robotism – Refers to sexual arousal around robots. People with this fetish must have a wild time when r2d2 comes on when watching Star Wars, and we have a sneaking suspicion that the future is looking exciting for them.

Ropework – Refers to what you’d expect, the use of rope within sex. Often used in BDSM and tying partners up. Between two consenting adults this can be exhilarating!

Agalmatophilia – This fetish triggers arousal in the presence of human like dolls or statues, making window shopping both a frustrating an invigorating experience.

Altocalciphilia – To be turned on by the wearing of high heels. This is not specific to women; many men are partial to slipping on a pair of daggers and living their best Carrie Bradshaw life.

Corsetry – Using corsets to make the waist appear much smaller, enhancing the appearance of an hourglass figure. Although this has historically and popularly been carried out by women, men can indulge in the act of corsetry should they so choose, and they look fierce whilst doing so!

Kigurumi – This refers to sexual arousal from the wearing of cosplay outfits or anime themed masks or makeup. This is just one way to get creative in the bedroom!

Mechanophilia – Becoming aroused when incorporating a specific machine into your sexual encounters such as your car, house hold appliances, your phones.

Pygmalionism – Becoming aroused around something that one made themselves that resembles the human form. It is similar to, but differs from Agalmatophilia due to the necessity that the figure must be created personally by the person with the fetish.

Retifism – A fetish involving footwear. This includes anything that you wear on your feet such as shoes, boots, sandals, socks, high heels and flip-flops. These boots are made for walking, and other stuff if the mood strikes.

Siderodromophilia – This fetish is centered around riding on trains or similar modes of transport such as trams. We imagine this become very distracting when commuting to work, but very suspense building when travelling to a hotel with a sexual partner.

Stigmatophilia – Arousal from people who are heavily tattooed or pierced. Everyone loves a badass! Many people with stigmatophilia especially look for piercings of the genitals and nipples.

Balloons Fetish – Sexual arousal when involving balloons. Often partners will place balloons under clothes to create the effect that specific body parts are inflated.

Technophilia – This a broader term that refers to the fetish of technology. Many other more specific fetishes could fall under this, such as robots, sex dolls and cyborgs.

Tentacles – Erotic fixation with tentacles which usually derives from animated pornography. You like what your partner does with one hand? Just think of what they could do with eight.

Yeastiality – Have you ever noticed a guy sat and the back of Greggs not eating anything, just aggressively squeezing his thigh while he pants into a baguette? This could be a classic case of the ole yeastiality. This refers to sexual arousal due to anything that has been baked and risen by use of yeast within the recipe. People with this fetish often use breads, warm doughs and pastry’s in their sexual experiences. Do be warned that this could lead to yeast infection, unless of course, you’re into that.

Thesauromania – Refers to being sexually obsessed with collecting items of clothing. Often times underwear is collected, both socks and pants by people all over the world. Many people have started successful online business supplying underwear to people with the thesauromania fetish.

Xylophilia – Many of us are accustomed to referring to the penis as wood. This fetish puts its money where its mouth is, enjoying becoming sexually aroused because of the presence of wood.  

Acticrasy – Arousal due to experiencing the warm rays of the sun on your skin.  There are many beaches where people with this fetish can let loose!

We hope that this has been an informative read for you! If you experience any of these fetishes remember, you’re not alone! And there are plenty of safe ways in which you can enjoy them with other like-minded adults!