Don’t believe everything you see in the movies

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Don’t believe everything you see in the movies 

The nature of working in the industry of rented companionship isn’t without its stigma and assumptions, usually harbored from those on the outskirts of the profession. There are many people who decide to take a peek into a glamorized version of what we do for a living, and don’t stick around for long enough to develop a healthy, rounded view of what goes on within the escorting community.  

The issue is that some of those who peek into our industry are often doing so through the wrong peep-hole. Which leads us to my big niggle – developing opinions about sex work through what we are shown in the film industry. Film and television depictions of the sex worker tends to take one of two routes. We have the escort who is ‘Glamorous’ beyond Fergie’s 2006 smash hit’s wildest dreams, often depicting a designer clad person whose character is laced with oodles of sass and a Stoney demeanor. Then we have the polar opposite – the stolen or mislead person who is being manipulated under the direst circumstances, hurtling audiences into a sense of complete and utter desperation. 

The first depiction that I described, although many of us don’t hate the idea that we have good fashion sense and demand the respect of our peers, can be damaging. The untouchable, stony character implies that we can have anything thrown at us and it will just bounce back off us immediately. People become much more open about running their mouths when they think you can take it, which often leads to offensive rhetoric and uncomfortable situations whereby we are justifying our lifestyle to people who will never understand. We want the accepted view point to be that we are human just like anyone else, and it gets tiring backing ourselves up because people think we are indestructible.   

What we would rather you do – Be kind, be open minded, or keep your opinions to yourself. 

The latter depiction leads people to be of the understanding that to have ended up working within the escorting industry, that workers must have endured some kind of severe trauma. The kind of trauma that leaves them with such severe psychological distress that they are either forced to seek connection with other humans through working for it, or alternatively, switching off from connection all together which in turn enables the worker to do their job without batting an eye-lid. 

What we want you to understand – Although there are elements to the industry that can be dangerous if not approached with the right level of caution and safeguarding, the way in which we run our businesses, in this modern-day community of escorts is safe over all. People are so often drawn to the drama of a tragic story. And quite frankly, it feels demeaning when assumptions are made about our mental state. This isn’t Pierre Morel’s 2008 block buster ‘Taken’, you are not Liam Neeson, and we do not want you to rescue us. We entered this industry on our own accord and we will leave it in exactly the same way.  

The point of this article isn’t to ignore the existence of darker side of the escorting industry. It is extremely important to shine a light on any situation whereby a person is being manipulated or mistreated, where necessary. The point is, that it is equally as important not to negatively assume the situation, personality, or background of an escort. Its rude and judgmental and in 2019, we can do better than that.