Best Restaurants in Manchester

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Best Restaurants In Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant and bustling hub of activity and nightlife, embellished with a multitude of varied and eclectic places to grab good food and enjoy drinks with your companion. If you are looking to spend the night outside of the bedroom, enjoying all the fun the city of Manchester has to offer with your escort, we can help you choose the best places to go. We compiled a list of the places in Manchester that either have the best food, the best atmosphere, the best value for money or the best drinks. Pick your Poison.

Mr. Thomas’s Chop House

52 Cross Street, M2 7AR

Mr. Thomas’s Chop house is spilling over its brims with history and charm, its interior takes you back to what feels like upper-class Victorian England, wooden panels and fine ales, mosaic floors and excellent food. Mr. Thomas first opened the doors to his Chop House in 1870  and after that the rest was history. After !50 years of hospitality in its grade 2 listed building, this establishment has perfected the experience for its attendee’s. If fine Quality and old fashion is your thing, bring your evening to Mr. Thomas’s Chop House, for a homely experience with your lovely companion.


1 The Avenue, Spinningfield, M3 3AP

Steeped in modern décor and a clean finish, Australasia is one of Manchester’s finest answers to pan-Asian cuisine. Situated in the Spinningfields/Deansgate area, this restaurant is the perfect answer to a pleasant night out with high quality food and a delicious cocktail menu. Close to a multitude of good hotels in the area, this spot is the perfect excuse to dress up all fancy, and enjoy an evening of mouthwatering Japanese style foods with your gay escort.


41-43 Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury, M20 2NT

If you’re looking for a quaint little spot just outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, with fresh vegetarian-based foods, greens is the place for you. Greens is perfect for anyone who avoids consuming meat products for whatever the reason might be, with both gluten free and vegan options as well! their dishes are inspired by varied cuisines from all over the world, Greens truly does have the best vegetarian options the world has to offer. A great place to wind down and explore delicious cruelty free meals with the lovely gay escort you’re spending you’re evening with.


16,37 Corn Exchange, M4 3TR

It is the intention of Mowgli, as an establishment, to provide the experience of how the Indian people authentically eat both in their homes and on their streets. Their founder, Nisha Katona, really wanted to build something that would more accurately replicate the true Indian dining experience. With each dish meticulously filled with flavour and embroidered with intensity, Mowgli are proud to offer a frenzied experience of taste and satisfaction. Not only is the food served here full of flavour, guaranteed to satisfy all taste buds, but their food is also incredibly healthy, which is a bonus! Your night of excitement just got more exciting.

Mackie Mayer

1 Eagle Street, M4 5BU

This highly successful market-style food hall presents high quality food stalls specializing in their cuisine, producing some of the best food in the city, surrounding a mass of communal area where attendee’s sit on wooden tables and benches as they enjoy their food. The space has a real hustle and bustle feel about it, perfect for those who can’t always choose what they fancy, they can have it all! Mackie mayor is situated in the convenient location of the city center, at the back of the northern quarter, however, if you fancied getting out of the city somewhat, they also have a location in Altrincham, called Altrincham food hall. This site is just a short tram ride out of the city.

Evelyn’s Café & Bar

44 Tib Street, M4 1NB

Evelyn’s is the perfect contemporary space that caters for all needs whilst boasting a wonderful sit-down service. The space is littered with fresh green plants, sprouting, and dangling from every crevasse of the room. This is a restaurant where a carnivore can go for dinner with a vegan and they will both have an excellent culinary experience sat side by side. Carnivores can be friends with vegans, stranger things have happened, this is 2020. They have an underground bar downstairs, open to go get drinks once your meal is finished. A safe bet for all kinds of evenings with all kinds of companions!

Oppidan Social

23 Edge Street, M4 1HW

Clockwork is Manchester’s alternative hangout space. Formerly known as Ziferblat, it is a unique, pay-per-minute, self service café, cloaked in individuality and comfortable furnishings that place you in the tranquility of your nana’s front room on a lazy Sunday. Sink into sofa’s with your companion, having plated up all the treats you could wish for in the kitchen, play a game or get lost in conversation. Upon entering the venue, you will give your name at the front desk and they will start to log your time. At only 8 pence per minute, you are able to help yourself to the massive variety of beverages, sweet and savory treats, even make yourself toasties, free of charge. When you have finished, you clear your plates away and return to the desk, where you will be checked out, your time accumulated and subsequently, how much you owe. This is the perfect little getting-to-know-you spot. Somewhere where you can talk to your hearts content in an alcohol free space.


39 Faulkner Street, M1 4EE

Yuzu offer traditional Japanese recipes, orchestrated from scratch with only the most fresh produce. Masterfully combining explosive flavours as well as providing an authentic Japanese dining experience, rich in culture and heritage that dates back centuries. Their name has repeatedly been seen in publications that boast the best food in cities all over the nation, inclusive of the Michelin restaurant guide, critics cant get enough of Yuzu, and neither will you.