The best restaurants in Gran Canaria

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We just cant get enough of writing about Gran Canaria to be honest. We think it is one of the best travels destinations for the LGBTQ+ community in the world, and we encourage everyone to go and spend their money there.

That is why we have decided to write a little bit about some of the best restaurants available in Gran Canaria.

Hopefully, this blog will be able to help you plan your trip, and some destinations on the itinerary for you.

Best Spanish Food

Tasca Galileo is an incredibly affordable, side street tapas joint with amazing food, good wine and rustic interior. With outstanding reviews from thousands of happy customers, this place is the best on your purse strings as well as your taste buds.

Best Italian Food

Restaurante La Lanterna know their way their fresh ingredients, that’s for sure. With mouth watering Italian bites and service like no other, guests return to this amazing restaurant time and time again for Italian food like they’ve never tasted.

Best Japanese Food

Fresh, authentic and delicious, Hito Restaurante is the best Japanese restaurant in Gran Canaria by far. The Restaurant is as relaxed as it is elegant, and offers an outstanding range of traditional sushi as well as more modern fusion dishes.

Best Seafood

Amigo Camillo, located on the north coast of the incredible island, takes full advantage of what the sea has to offer. Cooking fresh ingredients every day, enhancing those incredible flavours, this is a rustic, waterside spot you aren’t going to want to miss. Diners from this restaurant repeatedly rave about how they serve the best quality seafood for the most modest price. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Best Steak House

In the south of the Island, you will find our best pick for a great steak house. Papi’s Grill cook their meat to perfection, and they serve it up with a smile. Steak is never a cheap cut of meat, so you aren’t going to want to cheap out on a meal at a steak house if you’re looking for quality. At Papi’s you’ll find quality, great service and reasonable prices all under the same roof.

Best Vegan

Zoe Food comes to the rescue of all plant-based diners on the Island. With veggie and vegan options slightly more limited in traditional Spanish cuisine, sometimes picking a place to eat can be hard if you don’t eat meat. But Zoe Food plates up a gorgeous range of fresh treats with lots of vegan options to choose from.

Best Mexican Food

El Chacho is the one when it comes to authentic Mexican food in Gran Canaria. With amazing reviews, faultless flavours and a gorgeous location. This is a must visit spot on your trip to Gran Canaria.