The Best Hotels in Gran Canaria 

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Most of the hotels that you will find on this list are centered around gay men, and more importantly, gay men having a wonderful time in the sun on their holiday in Gran Canaria. In fact, most will only allow men to stay at the resort. So, if you’re looking for a gay male only party, then you have found yourself in the exact perfect place. Gran Canaria is one of the only places on earth that we can find so many hotels like this in one place. It honestly is like gay mecca. So, grab your towel and your trunks(optional) and fly on over to Gran Canaria where the holiday of a life time awaits you.

Paso Chico Gay Bungalows

The first on our list today is The Gorgeous Paso Chico Gay Bungalows. Now this resort is top of our list for a reason. The bungalows are beautiful, the resort is fun and the clothing is completely optional! Not only that, but absolutely all of the people that will be at the resort with you will also be gay men. The location of this particular establishment is also amazing because it is quite literally across the road from all of Gran Can’s best gay bars. Find your tribe and have a great time at Paso Chico’s!

Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas

So, we are taking it down a notch on the party front with our option number two. Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas is a gorgeous place to stay in an amazing central location. We love this hotel for a more relaxed couples break away. Although the resort is child friendly, there are several separate adults only pools so you can develop the perfect balance for yourselves, whilst enjoying some seafront views and sand dune adventures.

Seven Hotel and Wellness

Back to another gay men only resort, number three is the amazing Seven Hotel and Wellness. This is the perfect spot for a combination of the previous two hotels. You can enjoy the tranquility of the pool, (which has relaxation loungers fitted in, a welcome feature if you ask us), whilst thriving in a gay male only environment. This hotel is slightly further out of the way which makes it quieter and more relaxing, but it also offers fun holiday activities such as wind surfing and boat sailing.

Parador de cruz de tejeda

For our option number four we are taking you on a romantic trip away to Parador de Cruz de Tejeda. This is one of our absolute favorite gay friendly resorts which offers something slightly different to the other places. This spot is very couples focused, so if you are part of a relationship and you are wanting to celebrate that on your holiday, then this place could be the one for you. It boasts an amazing infinity pool, it gives you the chance to disconnect from the hullaballoo and spend quality time with your partner or companion, and you can enjoy some impressive hikes in the surrounding areas.