Am I expected to cover costs during my date with my escort?

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There are many different circumstances in which you might want to hire a companion for any length of time. Perhaps you fancy going on a casual date with one of our many wonderful escorts? Some of our clients are simply looking for a travel companion to take on an adventure abroad. Many of our clients come to us because they have a big event that they would like a date for. Some of our clients just want someone to talk to for a little while!

The costs of your date will vary depending what the circumstances of your date is, as you can imagine, going for a coffee and a chat will cost a lot less than flying to Monaco for an event. Both are lovely, valid and enjoyable dates, but does the etiquette differ depend on what you are doing with your date? The short answer is; no.

“I’m already paying for the time of the date, do I really have to pay for the content of the date?”

We have seen this question being asked before and the answer is Yes! Can you imagine going to work and then being forced to spend your wages on being at work? Sometimes clients feel as though their date is going really well and the escort that they are spending time with is having an equally good time, so they should contribute. We encourage clients to remember that whilst we are really happy that our escorts enjoy their job, they are still being hired to take time away from their personal life and so they should be compensated for such.

Let us take you through the expected etiquette of most escorts on our books–

If you go out for drinks or food, pay for the drinks or food, unless of course your date offers in which case you are more than welcome to accept the drinks from them.

If you have requested the services of a specific escort and require them to travel from one place to another to be with you, you should pay for the costs of travel if the event is an expensive train journey or a plane journey away.  If you would life to avoid these travel costs you can always look for a local escort in your area.

If your session includes extra’s then your extra’s will be paid for at an agreed rate with the escort.

All circumstances are up for negotiation when you initially get in contact with your desired escort, you can draw up some lines that you both feel comfortable with. However, the general rule of thumb is this; assume that your escort has brought no money with them.