Adonis Escorts aims to become the largest collection of the finest and most prestigious male escorts and masseurs in Manchester and London.

What makes us different…

All the guys listed on Adonis are gay or bisexual.

We believe you and your companion should have the opportunity to ‘click’ and we also believe you will enjoy your encounter to the fullest if you know your companion is doing so too. For that reason your escort or masseur has to be gay or Bi, we do not accept ‘straight’ guys.

We love the Adonis brand, and that brand an. Enjoy what we do and love giving a great service.

We are not free, but we are not expensive either. Not being a free site just anyone can join means you know all the guys listed are up to date, dedicated to what they do, will respond, and take their customer service seriously.

We work in the industry, so we know what works, what doesn’t and whats important to you, and what matters to our guys. It’s a 2 way street.

we could go on with much more of ‘what makes us different’ but you get the point. We rock, but (your here) therefore so do you!